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Lee Lindsey, Rane Paulson and Cal Paulson

In May 1989, Cal and Rane Paulson, and Jack and Lee Lindsey opened Billings Bronze to provide a much needed, complete bronze casting foundry for the local artists. Billings Bronze business philosophy is to produce a quality product in a timely manner. We strive to keep our clients happy by providing an exact replica of their original sculpture. For more than twenty years we have been privileged to work with artists from across the globe. They have given us the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the artwork of our artists.

At Billings Bronze we believe that the Artist and the foundry have the same goal: To produce a lasting work of art that is pleasing to the customer. It is a ‘team effort’ approach with the artist having as little, or as much, ‘hands on’ in the process as he or she prefers. Working collectively together, every employee’s job is as important as the others. Each person who works on a piece of art has a sense of leaving a little piece of us behind long after this civilization has been lost.

Whether an experienced artist or a new beginner, at Billings Bronze we will strive to help create the sculpture perceived and bring it to life.

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